Join Us for The Ultimate Marriage Experience

What is Sparks of Eden?

Sparks of Eden is a unique Marriage Experience where romance, education and practical application unite. Couples are surrounded by an environment of healing and peace that allows them to learn skills that dramatically improve their marriage and relationship, but it does not stop there. During this experience couples are provided with much “couple’s time” to discuss, process and work through what they have learnt and how to implement it into their lives.

Sparks Group Photo 2022

About Rabbi Natan & Meg Alexander

Rabbi Natan Alexander has been an educator, marriage counselor and leadership trainer for over 20 years. At the forefront of inspiring self-improvement along with peace and passion in relationships, Natan is an author and international speaker empowering individuals and couples with his dynamic teachings on a large range of topics from relationships, education, leadership, sexuality and much more. His lessons have a deep foundation in Torah and it’s teachings.

His wife Meg joins him in their Marriage Experience Sparks of Eden and is an intrinsic part of the successful experience for participants as individuals and a couple.

Together, Natan and Meg have a unique skill in guiding and teaching through the true realities of marriage and relationships from both the masculine and feminine perspectives. They are a true example of a marriage overflowing with love, commitment, respect and passion.

This experience is AN INTENSIVE.  What does that mean?

Rav Natan has spent over 20 years involved in Biblically based marriage counseling. Topics covered during the Sparks of Eden Experience include but are not limited to:

  • “Are you just my roommate?” Sanctity and purpose of marriage.
  • “Physical intimacy” Sexual drive, attraction and desire.
  • “Emotional safety” tools to create and maintain.
  • “Communication skills” re-wirering our connection.
  • “Biblically based roles in marriage in a modern society.”
  • “Opposites attract” the reality of our differences.
  • “How to create romance in our crazy lives”
  • “Masculine and Feminine needs” (Women with Meg, Men with Natan)

And much more. Remember, these lessons are completed by private time for couples to discuss and process lessons learnt.

This experience is ALL INCLUSIVE.  What does that mean?
  • Ground transport from Panama international airport to Panama regional airport PAC
  • Flights from PAC to BOC Bocas del Toro
  • Water taxi to private island
  • 2 romantic excursions
  • 15% off spa
  • All inclusive (meals and drinks)
  • Accommodations
  • And of course all classes and activities during this experience.