Real masculinity is under attack!

An entire generation will lose what it means to be a man unless you and I take action.

Think back and try to remember who taught you:

  • How to shave
  • How to change the oil in your car
  • How to tie a necktie
  • How to ask a woman on a date
  • How to shake hands over a business deal
  • How to build a campfire

Depending on how old you are, chances are increasing that you either didn’t learn these skills at all, or you learned them from your mother…or grandmother.

More and more children are being raised in households with no men.

  • Maybe the father is dead.
  • Maybe he ran away from his responsibilities.
  • Maybe he just works all the time.

Whatever the situation, there is a hole in the life of a child with an absent father.

Of course, not everyone is unhappy about this fact.

There is an army arrayed to destroy real manhood.

You’ve seen it.

It’s not a secret that TV shows have been mocking and lampooning men for at least 50 years. John Wayne and Father Knows Best are gone. Now we have a generation of weak, pathetic, laughable TV men entertaining us. Strong men are shown as violent, angry, and abusive.

None of these caricatures are true, but still, the entertainment industry churns them out.

Why would media producers show us these false caricatures?

They are after your children.

They want to teach children to despise men. To fear men. To resist men who lead. Because boys who hate men become men who hate everyone, including themselves.

Girls who despise men become women who can’t trust anyone.

An entire generation of children is missing out on the quiet, strong, sheltering presence of a man. But we are changing that!!

Be a part of the Restoration!

At Leader of the Pack, we are restoring a spirit of honorable manhood to generations that are crying out for it.

Stand, Lead, Protect

We are teaching men to stand, lead, and protect. We men were created to:
Stand up with valor for what is right.
Lead your family, business, and community with integrity and vision.
Protect your loved ones courageously, no matter the cost.

The problem is, most men have never been taught how.

I'm In! I Want To Be A Part of the Restoration

Raise Up A Generation of Leaders

Leader of the Pack is dedicated to raising up men all over the world and training them to answer the call to be REAL leaders.

Through our training, men like you learn how to (can be text blocks, not bullets):

  • Defend themselves and their families from any kind of attack
  • Cast vision their families can get behind
  • Be the kind of leader people want to follow
  • Be irresistible to their wives (it’s not what you think!)
  • Teach their children the skills nobody taught them
  • Show them daughters what to look for in a husband
  • Survive (and thrive) in any conditions
  • Manage their emotions (and channel their anger into power)

The world is crying out for strong, wise, and compassionate men to be leaders. Will you respond?


What do you do in this situation?

Have you ever felt like this?

Imagine you’re sitting at a campfire with your kids, their friends, and the friends’ dads. After a great night of toasting marshmallows and telling jokes, the kids have gone off to their tents to go to sleep, and now it’s just the dads talking.

It doesn’t take long before the conversation goes bad. It’s like being at work: the same griping, complaining, foul language, and dirty jokes you hear all day, but now it feels different because your kids are there to hear it.

This is not the kind of talk you want your kids to repeat, but what can you do?

Do you tell a joke? Change the subject? Pack up your kids and leave?

Have you ever hoped that there was a group of men who were different?

Men who aspire to be the best version of themselves?

Men your kids could look up to?

Men who want to show their kids what it means to be an authentic man of character and strength?

Men who lead their families and businesses with character?

There is.

It’s Leader Of The Pack.


Leader of the Pack is a worldwide brotherhood of men who are rising up to show the world authentic manhood and dynamic leadership.

Our members:

  • Meet weekly to talk about the issues that real men deal with every day.
  • Keep in touch with each other in between with a quick text or call to encourage each other.
  • Organize two to three national gatherings per year.
  • Get access to exclusive training.
  • Get special rates on exclusive trips we take together to ancient Biblical sites around Israel (depends on travel restrictions).

Who Is On The Team?

The worldwide LOP team is made up of:

  • Current and retired military
  • IT experts
  • Business owners
  • Pipeliners
  • Attorneys
  • Engineers
  • Pastors and Rabbis
  • (others?)

And the list grows everyday. All supporting and cheering for each other.

Our Leadership Team

Photo Circle

Join The Team!

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