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To be a Leader of the Pack member means to commit to Standing up, Leading and Protecting. These are the roles that we are entrusted to take on in our families, communities, and in society as a whole.  Leader of the Pack is empowering and teaching men how to become the great men we were created to be.  

We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our creator to continuously grow and improve in our skill sets, abilities, and actions every day. It is for this reason that The Mane Event will embrace all three themes of Stand Up, Lead and Protect.

Join the brotherhood for this powerful event that will not only change your life but that of generations to come.


  • Accommodations, Food (3 meals / day)
  • Training by Rav Natan and others
  • Almost 3 days PACKED of multiple instructors, trainings, and tools you’ll take away and implement into your daily and weekly structure
  • Training on Topics from instructors from all parts of the globe!
  • and so much more!