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Price: $120

LOP Members  $100

“Firearms are not the answer to protection. Knowledge, skill and awareness are. It is my belief and experience that one who wishes to protect their family must understand weapons of all kinds either as a tool to protect with or to protect against.”(Natan Alexander)

Join LOP as we host Brad Harmsworth, Founder of Watchman Consulting, as he shares his knowledge of firearms over a 4 part series.

Training Dates:
July 23, 25, 27, & 30

$100 for LOP Members / $120 for Non LOP Members

Brad Harmsworth is a successful and highly respected consultant and entrepreneur. He and his family specialize in creating businesses that provide Identity, leadership, and protection strategy/tools for everyone from multi-billion dollar corporations, to individuals and their families.

Watchman Consulting was started in 2019, in partnership with Watchman Supply, to make preparing and protecting simple and easy to understand. And to provide families with the information and resources to withstand any catastrophe or disaster.

Understanding Firearms Training